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Change the World Without Touching Your Income

Do you want to support The Children's Inn at NIH, but feel overwhelmed by everyday living costs, such as the latest home repair, the food expenses and escalating gas prices? There’s a solution that doesn’t involve writing a check. You can designate... Read More

3 Tricks for Organizing Your Financial Paperwork

It starts out innocently enough—an ATM receipt here, a bill there. Add in a monthly bank statement and a receipt you need for your business expenses, and before long you’ve got a paper pileup on your kitchen countertop. Have you considered... Read More

Before You Give: 4 Questions to Ask

The act of giving through your estate plan involves reflection and forethought. It also warrants a conversation. Here are four key questions to ask when considering a legacy gift. 1. How will my gift be used? Why it matters: Your gift might be... Read More

Bequest Language

Unrestricted bequest (as percentage of estate): "I give, devise and bequeath to The Children's Inn at NIH, Inc., a nonprofit organization in Bethesda, MD, ______ percent (%) of the rest, residue and remainder of my estate to be used as an... Read More